Virgo Zodiac Sign

Patient and kind, people born with Virgo horoscope do not mind accompanying their friends or loves ones for a tedious shopping expedition. Virgo are perfectionists, pay attention to the little details. Their clothes fit them perfectly because they cannot stand even the tiniest of defects or imperfection in what they wear. Their wardrobes consist of delicate embroidered designs with intricate details, designs that emanate a sense of perfection. Take a Virgo along with you to get some sage advice on choosing the best material, level of reliability, color, fitting, and so on. Nevertheless, Virgo’s overly critical nature sometimes gets on others’ nerves, especially the salesperson. You tend to take time to set your heart on something. Quality for Virgo Zodiac Sign is more important than quantity. Virgo keep their budget on track. Just because you like something does not mean you will buy it, unless it is available on a reasonable price. You are not an everyday shopper. You know well ahead what you will need and when, thus plan beforehand and come prepared with a shopping list. One can most definitely spot a Virgo engrossed in the intricate details of the product they intend to buy, the stitching gaps, the material, missed prints or dangling threads. Their critical eye is quick to spot any minor defects, enough for them to reject the item instantly.  They want their belongings to meet a certain level of perfection. You may also find a Virgo hanging around in the health and fitness section. They stick to their fitness regime and are dedicated enough to meet goals. So the person asking about vitamin B-complex capsules at the counter is most definitely a Virgo. If you know a Virgo, you’ll know that they are frugal and save their hard-earned pennies unlike any other sign. The sense of perfection and organization is also reflected in their money management. Material security is of utmost importance to Virgo, just like Taurus. You rarely spend on affluent and luxurious brands and expensive labels. Practicality, not impulse drives your shopping excursions.

Virgo style sense is sleek. Since they tend to be neat freaks, and want everything around them in perfect order and clean, this habit is also reflected in their fashion preferences. Rarely would you find a Virgo buying unrelated clothes. Their wardrobes ooze perfection, with matching clothes and accessories displaying a sense of uniformity. They always have a shopping agenda on mind before they leave home. They may come empty-handed if they do not get what they were intending to. Virgo do not find online shopping to be an attractive option. They need to pay close attention to every small detail of a product, which is not possible online. Unless there is a try and buy policy, Virgo would rather visit the local retail market than shopping online. Nevertheless, offline retail has its own cons for Virgo. From the cumbersome traffic jam and long queues at the payment desk to lenient security system at the mall, the perfectionist Virgo has a lot to complain about. Virgo have an analytical mind and are very intellectual. They like things that challenge their IQ. Puzzles, riddles, games and books appeal to the shopaholic hidden beneath the practical Virgo. They want their homes to be in perfect order. Thus, furnishings and practical utility furniture top their shopping list like shoe stand which can be placed under the stairs, home decorative items, home repairs, and so on. Virgos also like to stock their wardrobes with intricate and unusual jewelry, detailed-oriented prints, hats, scarves etc. The best buys that get a Virgo excited may include convertible jackets or double-duty accessories and clothing. From business card holders, laundry bags, to jewelry hangers and automatic mop, Virgo’s shopping memo includes things that help them keep things organized. Pastel shades complement their calm and practical mindset and penchant for classic yet cool style.

Element: – Virgo element is earth
Virgo Symbol: – Maiden is the symbol of Virgo.
Color: Virgo color is green which signifies greenery and happiness.
Other lucky colors – Other lucky colors are brown and black.
Lucky Day: Wednesday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 6, 8, 14, 15, 23 and 24 are the lucky numbers.
Ruling Planet: Mercury is the ruling planet for Virgo which symbolizes communication, decision making in tougher situations, witty and humorous traits.
Detriment – Mars is the main detriment planet for Virgo.
Exaltation – Mercury gets exalted in Virgo which happens to be own sign for Virgo.
Debilitated – Venus get fall or debilitated in Virgo.
Birthstone – As like Gemini, for Virgo signs as well, gemstone is emeralds which is green in color and give wings to Virgo to fly higher. This gemstone adds effective communication, better judgment quality, happiness, handling pressure situations and generating positive and humorous outlook too.
Greatest Overall Virgo Compatibility: Capricorn and Aquarius are the quite good compatibility signs.
Virgo Date: 23 August – 22 September are the dates for Virgo.
Strengths: Handling pressure situations easily, Better judgment, Better narration, Effective communication skills
Weaknesses: At times harshness which leads to hurting some body, At times, bad speech.
Virgo likes: Optimism, Kindness, Witty and humorous environment, Better decision making ability.
Virgo dislikes: Carelessness attitude, Taking decisions without thinking, too much Seriousness.

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