Taurus Zodiac Sign


Practical and methodical, Taurus zodiac sign seek to build a world of comfort for themselves and their loved ones. Financial and material security is of utmost importance to them. Not to say that they are materialistic, it simply gives them emotional contentment. Those having Moon in Taurus horoscope do not like to spend recklessly; they rather seek to save every penny they can. However, when they occasionally shop, they come prepared with a hefty wallet. Their taste is refined; they love the finer things in life. Rather than having a whole bunch of T-shirts, they would prefer to buy one dazzling dress that makes a statement. They love the sales period, but never compromise on quality even if the price is small. Taurus fashion sense oozes subtlety and refinement. They are practical and bold, thus their style is quirky yet sophisticated at the same time. They have a very rich palate; prefer to wear brands and high street labels to local street market stuff. Taurus do not like unfamiliar places, seek a sense of predictability in life. Since Taurus are cautious and like to be prepared. Moreover, here is an overview of spending habits and shopping style of Taurus.

Those born with Moon in Taurus are slave to the senses. You will most probably spot them in the beauty section looking for some delightful fragrances and creams to rejuvenate skin. The sound, smell, taste, touch, and sight of things stimulate their emotions. Looking at the vibrant shops, feeling the fabrics with their fingers, smelling the perfumes, sampling a treat, all give Taurus emotional fulfillment. Taurus love to heal and pamper their body, mind, and soul in some way or the other. Being ruled by Venus, beauty section is their favorite where they get to grab deals for luxurious spa therapies and treatments. It is hard for Taurus to shop with an impatient companion such as Aries. Taurus like to take their time, explore the market at their own pace, think through before making a purchase. Whatever they intend to buy has to meet a certain level of quality. Usually Taurus do not stray from their budget, but if they find something that exceeds their expectations in terms of quality and appearance, they have a tendency to cross their budgetary limits. When it comes to frugality, Taurus generally want to come home with something high-quality, found on a lower price. However, Taurus do not mind shedding a few extra bucks for labels they hold in high regard. So instead of quantity, Taurus pay attention to the quality and worth. And they tend to spend a lot of time to actually find the perfect thing, no matter how long it takes. What they intend to be a quick visit to the mall often turns into an eternal shopping expedition. Material possessions are crucial for Taurus to exist for they give them a “life is good” kind of feeling, or rather, emotional satisfaction. Possessions that help them reach a better lifestyle and domestic comfort are always welcome in their shopping cart. Adding those extra touches to reach state of fulfillment is important for Taurus, be it hanging an antique mirror in the bathroom, placing a velvet armchair in the bedroom or a floral centerpiece on dining table. It is rare for Taurus to buy online for they like to feel and touch the products through their senses than simply guessing it. It is unlikely for Taurus to shop randomly. They usually list their needs and shop it all in one go if possible. Waiting for the Annual sale to grab some good labels and brands at discounted price is always on their to-do list. Things that one can usually find in their shopping cart include decorative items, music CDs, spa essentials, fragrances, decorative items, jewelry pieces, chocolates, sweet treats, fresh flowers and so on.

Element: – Taurus element is earth
Taurus Symbol: – Bull is the symbol for Taurus which signifies stability and passion.
Color: Taurus color is white and white color signifies peace and harmony which Taurus persons automatically inherit that characteristics and features with main motto to live and let live.
Other lucky colors – Jade green, green, blue and brown.
Lucky Day: Friday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 6, 11, 15, 17 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Taurus is Venus which signifies love , happiness , luxuries which are so important in anyone life.
Detriment – Sun is main detriment planet for Taurus.
Exaltation – Moon is exalted in Taurus which makes one loveable and thinks from heart.
Debilitated – Ketu falls in Taurus.
Birthstone – Taurus birthstone is Diamond which adds to love and happiness that might be lacking in case of weak Venus.
Greatest Overall Taurus Compatibility: Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs with good compatibility.
Taurus Date: April 20 – May 20 are the dates for Taurus.

Strengths: Love, Care, Nurturing, Affection, Happiness, Joy
Weaknesses: Depression, Sadness.
Taurus likes: Optimism, Love, Affection, Caring, and Kindness.
Taurus dislikes: Hatred, Betrayal, and Aggression.