Taurus – Zodiac Signs Detailed Information


Overview: Taurus Zodiac sign color is white and as white color signifies peace and thus in same way, Taurus persons does not tends to fight and wants to live peacefully. Taurus Zodiac sign ruler is Venus which signifies love, happiness, luxurious things as well as lavish lifestyle and no doubt, Taurus persons are blend mix of these characteristics. Lucky numbers for Taurus are 8, 6, 11, 15 and 17. Taurus luckier days tend to be Friday which again gives much strength and happiness to Taurus peoples. Taurus luckier gemstone is Diamond which again will give strength to Taurus person in form of happiness, better creative intellect and will strengthen all attributes related to Venus but it should be worn only after studying of birth chart as wearing gemstones without appropriate knowledge can give adverse effects instead of positive effects. This gemstone can be worn with the recitation of following mantra “ Om Dram Dreem Droum sah shukraya namah “ and can be worn in middle or smaller finger. Moon gets exalted in Taurus. Bull is the symbol of Taurus which signifies stability and passion.

Taurus Personality And Characteristics: They are rigid when they make up their mind but are easily gets dissolved in love and emotions. They are beautiful, optimistic and lovable but when they did not get that thing in return they become sad easily as they are kind of person who wants to spread love in all corners. They love roaming and want to discover new places of interest. They love natural surroundings and are true judge of love. They love sincerity in relations and expect same thing from there soul mate. They always wants that there lover should always be happy and they do each and everything such that their spouse or lover always remain in happiness but side by side they do not like betrayal in love and becomes so much depressed that getting back to normal took ages. They have soft looks and beautiful face and eyes .Taurus are lovable, caring and affectionate while feelings and emotions always run higher in them and they always look to find true lover who can understand their concerns and feelings. As they are lovable and caring they expects same thing from there lover as well. They are kind hearted and do not want to pinch anyone. They are fun loving people sharing jokes and humorous moments with their friends.

Taurus Nature And Quality: Taurus quality is fixed means whenever they make up their mind it would be virtuously impossible for anyone to change their stance. They go very deeper in order to analyze the situation and listen to each and every views they came across but last decision is there and final. Yes, they are stubborn but if they feel that other person thoughts had much more gravity then they will be definitely go with them. They are quite optimistic and they always look brighter side of things. Taurus element is earth which signifies that they are sensitive and listen and do everything with the bottom of their heart .They tends to look all pros and cons and then march ahead. They creative intelligence is always high and they always want to do something innovative and fresh. They are always in search of materialistic pleasures.

Taurus Love and Relationships: As already stated above that Taurus are love birds and always hunts for true love that can give protection and care to them. They are true lovers and love is gifted to them naturally. To protect and save their relationship, they will do whatever they can do as they do not want to lose their dear ones. To them there is no higher thing than love. Taurus sign lord is Venus, which itself signifies love, feeling and emotions thus love is inherited naturally to Taurus persons. On contrary to Aries, for protecting there love they can change there attitude instead to tell lover or spouse to mend his/her ways. As Taurus comes under fixed sign, when they discover there true love they would remain firm and do not want to lose there love and this itself will be guiding force for longer relationship. To them relationship do matters most.

Taurus Friend and Family: In general terms, Taurus has bigger family and good friends as because of their generous and loving attitude. They do almost all the things for the sake of their family and become depressed and sad when even smaller problems come on to their family. As they are lovable and caring they command good respect in the family and due to this atmosphere, they can evade or reduce almost all problems that come in way as they go ahead collectively and for them 2 persons are better than one.

Friends are also like family to them and are always ready to help them out in adverse situations. They always spread joys and happiness in their family and left no stone unturned for family happiness. They can judge problems better due to there benevolent nature and will help there friends either financially or emotionally. If they see friends in distress, they will forget there pain and try to reduce there friends problems and always remain true friends ever.

Taurus Education and Knowledge: Generally, Taurus persons are quite knowledgeable and artistic talents are naturally inherited in them. Artistic or historic subjects always draw their attention. Their main subject that they do like is something that can take their creativity and talent out of the box. Venus is sign lord of Taurus and creative and logical brilliance comes naturally to them. They do not mug up things but actually go deeper and deeper such that can they can cherish knowledge forever in there hearts. They always love to update there knowledge in any of the fields. Perfect surroundings for Taurus person for studies would be to sit in front of the lush green trees which can take there creativity out and will be the perfect combination to get some newer ideas as well. Taurus persons naturally are inclined to education and are always hunt to update there knowledge.

Taurus Career and Business: As 11th house or sign to Taurus is Pisces whose lord is Jupiter, thus Taurus are quite lucky as far as business matters are concerned. Taurus are good businessmen because they have that analytic and logical bent of mind that is needed in running any type of business. There mind is sharper which can take right decisions in tougher situations and they do get luck help as well owing to the fact that 11th house lord is Jupiter.

As far as career matters are concerned, Taurus are good in the field of Jewelry or architectural design, media and sugar industry , working as an anchor, liquor industry, hotel industry or any kind of job that demands highly creative skills.

Taurus Money and Finances: As far as Money and finances are concerned, they generally invest there money in all forms whether it is riskier or safer instruments and generally take decisions that is good to multiply there money but Taurus do spend lavishly on luxuries, clothes, entertainment and on vehicles and they always get enjoyment in this things and due to this fact there pockets become empty in shorter time which at times they had to take care of. There bills go on to higher side and at times expenditures outclasses all savings which they also should take care of. Overall they are the good mixtures of savings and expenditures.

Taurus Health and Well Being: As far as health matters are concerned, in general terms there health is quite good but weak Venus might give different problems to them and they might be vulnerable to easy infections, congestion’s, fever, problems in eyes or throats, lung infections or problems in private parts which they should take care of. They should also take care of allergies which might haunt them from time to time. At times due to depression they might feel headaches and seizures too. They should maintain personal hygiene and should wash there eyes regularly, avoid eating outside too much and should stick to home made foods for there better health.

What it’s like to date an Taurus Woman:

Sensuality, sense of care and protection, lovable attitude is all that is liked by Taurus woman. They also like luxurious things and expect same from there lover to take them to dinner or to give them precious gift which they can remember forever. These things will certainly add to their pleasures. As already stated in previous section that they spend lavishly thus this things certainly add to there joys and happiness and when this things are get in the form of gifts by there spouse or lover, this will be easily help to convey emotions to Taurus women.

What it’s like to date an Taurus Man:

To surrender fully and looking out concerns will be the prime factor for dating Taurus man. Taurus man would always want that his lover should understand his concerns and love without much fuss and always expect same from his counterpart. As far as love matters are concerned, they want true love and once they get that, they will do each and every thing to sustain that pure love. Weak Venus might leads to failures in love and getting out from the failures would not be easy for any person whether it is Taurus or any other Zodiac sign where as powerful Venus might give love and pleasures which add to the happiness.

How to Attract The Taurus Man:

By feeling of care and affection will be enough to attract Taurus man. Further, Taurus man also like that compliments might be given to them which might be in the form of there dressing sense or any other things, thus next time you date with Taurus man, always give compliments either to their life style or to their dressing sense but true love and dedication cannot be replaced by any secondary things. If love is not eternal, then relationship will be bound to get broken.

How To Attract The Taurus Woman:

By taking care of their feelings and emotions will be the prime and foremost thing to attract Taurus woman. They also like that there lover should give compliments but again pure heart will be the foremost thing for them. By simply giving precious gifts will not give you true love as Taurus are serious persons when it comes to love and by looking out concerns, true love with dedication will slowly and gradually give you Taurus women love.

Strengths: Love, Care, Nurturing, Affection, Happiness, Joy
Weaknesses: Depression, Sadness.
Taurus likes: Optimism, Love, Affection, Caring, and Kindness.
Taurus dislikes: Hatred, Betrayal, and Aggression.
Element: – Taurus element is earth
Taurus Symbol: – Bull is the symbol for Taurus which signifies stability and passion.
Color: Taurus color is white and white color signifies peace and harmony which Taurus persons automatically inherit that characteristics and features with main motto to live and let live.
Other lucky colors – Jade green, green, blue and brown.
Lucky Day: Friday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 8, 6, 11, 15, 17 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Taurus is Venus which signifies love , happiness , luxuries which are so important in anyone life.
Detriment – Sun is main detriment planet for Taurus.
Exaltation – Moon is exalted in Taurus which makes one loveable and thinks from heart.
Debilitated – Ketu falls in Taurus.
Birthstone – Taurus birthstone is Diamond which adds to love and happiness that might be lacking in case of weak Venus.
Greatest Overall Taurus Compatibility: Capricorn and Aquarius are the signs with good compatibility.
Taurus Date: April 20 – May 20 are the dates for Taurus.