Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Sensuality, success, strength, secrecy, seduction, and complexity are a few words that relate the most to a Scorpio Zodiac Sign. Scorpio is an eternal mystery. Even if you know you are accompanying them for a shopping excursion, you will never know their real motive for they do everything in silence. May be they are going to investigate on their crush or to meet their special someone at the mall. Their emotional nature is dense like a forest, deep like a lake and sometimes deadly as Satan. They are rather more passionate and possessive in other areas as compared to shopping. Nonetheless, they make wonderful shopping buddies to their loved ones and friends. If they have a special place in their heart for you, do not worry for you have the best shopping mate ever. They will not mind waiting for you patiently to try out 10 different outfits and end up buying nothing at all. Scorpio rarely complains about the tediousness of a shopping adventure. However, they can be fussy and aggressive if their partner acts flirtatious to others. Still wondering whether to ask them to come along? Scorpio have a sweet spot for all things mystical and occult. Their accessories, clothes and belongings often have a sense of mystery, are detail-oriented, dark with lots of hidden details and meanings. Their fashion sense echoes intricacy, mystery and subtlety all at the same time. No sign carries bold leopard prints, sensual cutout dresses, and symbolic accessories better than a Scorpio. Surreal art, designer candles, magic and occult readings, key rings, a pack of cards, mystery novels and books are a few things that make them feel ecstatic.

Sleek, strong, and sexy, Scorpio have the most sensual fashion sense of all horoscope signs. Little black cutout dresses and deep red off-shoulder skin-hugging gowns are all meant for them. When heading out to shop, they know what they are looking for. The one who is silently exploring the lingerie shelves in the store must be a Scorpio. Dark and mysterious, Scorpio shoppers keep their shopping expeditions a secret. You will often find them lurking in the corner shops that boast a chic and out of the ordinary collection of voluptuous outfits. It is almost impossible for a salesperson to persuade a Scorpio to buy something that they do not intend to, even if it is available on a discounted price. They have strong intuitive capability; can easily sense others’ intentions and wants. You’ll never regret shopping with a Scorpio, especially if you love a little intrigue and surprises. You may end up bumping into their ex or get a chance to gossip with old friends. When it comes to the style sense of Scorpio, it is poisonous, in the sense that Scorpio dress to kill. Their personality oozes a unique charm, slaughtering the opposite gender with the dagger of mystery. Scorpio like to keep their shopping trips a private affair, rarely need someone to accompany them. They have a special inclination to all things dark and mysterious. Scorpio tend to show intensity in whatever they do, except spending, thankfully. Unless they have a hefty pocket, they do not succumb to the monster of indulgence. Rather than something dramatic, their preference is for the understated, something that emanates sensuality but subtly. They are practical and calculative when it comes to shopping. Rather than spending recklessly on a so-called discounted combo of blankets they do not need, Scorpio would rather spend thoughtfully on utility items such as woolen leggings if winter were approaching.

Element: – Element is water
Scorpio Symbol: – Scorpion is the symbol of Scorpio.
Color: Scorpions color is Red which symbolizes aggression and anger.
Other lucky colors – White and Yellow are other lucky colors.
Lucky Day: Tuesday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 1 , 2 , 3 , 9 , 10 , 11, 12 , 20 , 21 , 27 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Scorpions is Mars which is fiery planet and signifies brother, anger, aggression and red things.
Detriment – Saturn is main detriment planet for Scorpio.
Exaltation – No planet is exalted in Scorpio.
Debilitated – Moon gets debilitated in Scorpio.
Birthstone – Red coral is the gemstone for Scorpio. If Mars is debilitated then this gemstone will give required courage and stamina that Scorpio are known for.
Greatest Overall Scorpio Compatibility: Cancer and Pisces are the signs with good compatibility.
Scorpio Date: 23 October – 21 November are the dates for Scorpio.
Strengths: Protection, Care, Energy, Stamina
Weaknesses: Aggression, Domination, Frustration.
Scorpio likes: Understanding them.
Scorpio dislikes: Difference of opinions.

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