Pisces Zodiac Sign

Represented by two fishes whirling in opposite direction, Pisces zodiac sign are quite laid-back and impulsive in their spending habits. Those born with Pisces horoscope love to bunk office or college for a shopping excursion. Even if they do not need anything, they tend to shop frequently for their habit of gifting. These sensitive souls quickly get attached to people, thus love to shop for others. A shopping jaunt with these romantic souls is likely to be calm and stress-free because they are quite patient with their shopping companion and do not mind holding their bags while they are in the trial room…with 10 dresses to try. When it comes to buying something for them, Pisces tend to get confused between two different pieces. Pisces may not be the best person for fashion advice for their indecisiveness. They tend to be moody too and get hurt easily, thus you may have to bear with some tantrums. Nevertheless, they have a dreamy sense of style. Thus if you are looking for that mystical touch, Pisces horoscope native may be the best person to look up to. Shoes top their shopping list. Other than that, Pisces have a special affinity to things emanating a magical element. Pisces is the one who will find that antique clock in a bidding event or a crystal ball in the bazaar and you will never know how they do it. Dresses oozing Victorian charm and floral prints find favor with Pisces. They are mystical like the mermaid of the sea with mesmerizing eyes, drawn towards aqua shades. Fish-tail dresses look perfect on you dreamy souls. A skin-hugging long dress made of shimmery beige material best represents the Piscean glamour. Pisces like to keep their clothes light and lose. They don’t prefer dresses that make them feel confined. They like to float around like fish, prefer free-flowing clothing such as frilly skirts and drape dresses. Their dreamy fashion sense makes them a perfect fit for period costumes and fairytale dressing. Nothing excites a little Piscean girl more than dressing like a Disney princess. Pisces woman is likely to have a huge collection of makeup too which may include plenty of shiny lip-glosses, glitter eye shadows and body shimmers. She is not the type to follow the fashion week. She would rather take inspiration from Japanese street wear. When she is up to dress, she impresses with her shining personality.

Those born in Pisces have strong intuition. When they want something desperately, they do not mind spending hours to find it. Pisces tend to see beauty in everything thus fall victim to ignoring the little details such as stitching, material, ingredients and expiration date. They tend to be drawn to appearance than actual properties. Salesperson will find it super easy to influence a Pisces’ shopping decisions with their sweet talk and so-called lucrative discounts. They tend to be impulsive shoppers, thus often end up buying things they don’t need or splurge excessively beyond their budget. You are most likely to spot a Pisces exploring shelves of a buzzing bazaar for something subtle, artistic and dreamy. You may find them looking for some heavenly spa treatment. When it comes to spending habits, Pisces have a strong urge to splurge. When they have something specific in mind they seek to buy, they will go all out to find it, even if they have to cross their financial limits. They can be either too impulsive or downright frugal when shopping. They spend most wildly on shoes since Pisces rules feet. They simply find those peep-toe pumps hard to resist.  Their shoe collection is often extraordinary, with something for every occasion, from jogging to New Year party. Piscean style sense is a little fantastical and eccentric. They are driven towards artistic and dreamy objects. Thus, formal attire is something they find too difficult to carry.  They want something casual like floral skirts. Instead of cotton and tissue, they prefer fabrics that have free flow such as tulle, satin or chiffon.

Element: – Pisces element is water and emotions always flow higher in them
Pisces Symbol: – Fish is the symbol of Pisces.
Color: Pisces color is Yellow.
Other lucky colors – Other lucky color is Red and White.
Lucky Day: Thursday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 3,9 , 10, 11, 12 , 18, 20, 21, 27 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Pisces is Jupiter which signifies Yellow things, Teacher, priests, spirituality and happiness thus those Pisceans are lucky in whose charts Jupiter is in strong position.
Detriment – Rahu will act as detriment planet for Pisces.
Exaltation – Venus gets exalted in Pisces.
Debilitated – Mercury gets debilitated in Pisces.
Birthstone – Yellow sapphire is the lucky stone for Pisces as it will provide that extra bit of luck, spirituality, mental intellect and happiness that is missing in Pisceans.
Greatest Overall Pisces Compatibility: Aries and Leo are the signs with good compatibility.
Date range: 19 February – 20 March are the dates for Pisces.
Strengths: Lovable, Affectionate, Caring
Weaknesses: Depression, Failure to handle pressures.
Pisces likes: Who can take care of them. Love and truthiness from heart.
Pisces dislikes: Cunning persons