Virgo Monthly Horoscope


(Virgo this Month overview January 2017) January 2017 would be a positive month for you. You will find your ability to work hard, express yourself, create new opportunities and open up new areas of work and life would become better as you go along. This is one time when you will find good amount of support from people in authority and power also. Mind could be inclined towards ego and that is one area you should be careful and not let yourself get influenced by your own ego. Mostly you would find good connection with people in public in general and your connect with the base of people will also increase during this time.

Some amount of worry and stress could also increase after the 9th January 2017. You should remain calm and should remain clearing your thoughts as nothing adverse will happen despite the negative feelings. Mostly this month will see you at the center of attraction so enjoy the attention that people give you throughout this month. Mind would be disturbed. There could be complexes and certain amount of negativity would be present. Avoid increasing your expenses.

Career: Career would be positive as you will find the base and network increase for you during this month. There would be new connections all around. Work environment would see support from people in authority in the second half of the month. There would be good amount of success due to work of your colleagues and team members. Delegation of work will give you good returns after the 20th January 2017.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be pretty positive. You will be happy in love relationships. Beyond the 12th January 2017 your sex appeal will increase and so would your social base. Mostly it’s a good period for you throughout this month. Existing relationships would be positive also. You will find yourself traveling with partner and there would be a good all-round progress. Aggression with partner could increase after the 20th January 2017 so be careful. Marriage matters are not good during this month. Temperament of spouse could be very erratic and uncertain. A sort of a mental distance could build up with spouse. Relationship could undergo certain unclear thought patterns. Mostly you have to keep your channels open and remain truthful with spouse for the best results.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. You will find liquidity and gains throughout this month. Overall a steady period. Income would be average throughout the month. Investments should also be beneficial as long as there is no speculation.

Students and Children: Students have a positive month. There would be great amount of activity in extracurricular areas. Studies also would be good and exam results should be very positive for you. Children related matters are mostly good but there should be a certain amount or worry and distance with children also. Be careful and avoid unnecessary controversy with children.

Health and Family: Your health should be mostly fine except for stress related issues. Family life is going to be good throughout the month.