Taurus Monthly Horoscope


(Taurus this Month overview January 2017) This month would be a bit of a challenge although there would be a good amount of progress and opportunities also. Largely you will find support from people in authority and some amount of luck due to your mass connection with people who are known to you. There would be a certain amount of dynamism and activity in all that you do till the 20th January 2017. Beyond the 20th January 2017, chances of aggression are high and there could be various reasons and times when you could be in a aggressive mode with spouse and partners.

Mostly there would be periods when you could be worried and under stress unnecessarily after the 9th January 2017. Do not succumb to your fear and keep on looking out positively for events around you. Thoughts about change in career could be present but do not give it too much of an importance. Further the combination of Saturn – Mars when it takes place in your house of partner could disrupt life in joint areas of work to quite an extent. You need to be careful on this account throughout.

Career: Career would be very active, very high speed and there would be a lot of activity and hard work throughout. You might feel tired and stressed at times but most of the work carried out at work will give you very good returns after throughout the month. New associations or partnerships should be handled with care during this period. Work environment would be aggressive, strong. You might end up getting into a controversy with your superior or your immediate boss. Avoid fights as much as possible till the 20th January 2017. Level of luck at work will increase after the 12th January 2017. Team and colleagues will be supportive and there should be a rise in luck due to support of people after the 9th January 2017 also.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be average till the 12th January 2017 and look up tremendously after that.You will find new opportunities for a new relationship also towards the end of the month. Existing relationships would be average but improve after the 12th January 2017. Avoid controversy as much as possible as fights and aggression could take a toll on relationships throughout. Marriage matters could be challenging as temperament of spouse could turn difficult and negative throughout. Aggression could mount after the 20th January 2017 so do not get into controversy at all during this period.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be positive. There would be growth and gains. Possibility of good amount of gains from real estate also possible. Income will be good throughout. Investments should be handled with care specially into real estate.

Students and Children: Students would have an average month. There would be progress while fear and stress would be high in studies still the results will be good and luck would be on your side. Children related matters could be a bit difficult. Relations with children could be poor and stressful at times. Mostly you might find better prospects towards the end of the month.

Health and Family: Your health would be better after the 12th January 2017. Some amount of issues with chronic disorders and minor injuries possible after the 20th January 2017 so you need to be careful. Family life would be good and positive although a lot of diplomacy and behind-the-scene activity in family matters could be present this month.