Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


(Scorpio this Month overview January 2017) January 2017 could be a challenging month. You would find a rise in pressure and aggression all around you. Your own thoughts, mind and actions could be distorted and difficult due to confusion as well as anger. It is a very active period for you. A lot would be happening around you but mistakes and getting stressed could bring in negative results also. Mostly you would do well if you work hard, keep on expanding your activities and remain cautious despite all the rush of activity all around. Mostly your expression would be good and you should be able to connect well with people till 9th January 2017.

Beyond 9th January 2017 there are chances that you might say or write things which could be controversial and backfire on you. Be careful on this account. Further you will find that minor chances of injury are present till the 20th January 2017. Be very careful on that account also. Major changes or decisions could be taken with wrong information and therefore you should be careful and take advice of people you trust throughout this month.

Career: Career will be in a very active phase. You will find an expansion in activities all around you. Lot of new things are happening while you will not find the financial gains or results as such but you should keep on giving it your best in terms of working hard. Mostly this hard work will give you very good results 3 to 5 months from now. Right now you should utilize all the activities, all the opportunities and the new responsibility that is coming up on you for your best gains and results possible.

Work environment would be difficult till the 20th January 2017. You might find yourself disconnected and ill at ease. Beyond the 20th January 2017 you will find regaining your focus and activity level would be high. Team and colleagues would be good but they would try to control you as much as possible. You should try to work alone or keep things under your control as much as possible.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be positive. There would be stable trends. Beyond 12th January 2017 you will find your social activity peak. There would be good amount of increase in your sex appeal and chances of a new relationship would be pretty high during this month. Existing relationships would be good. Partner would do well but there could be some distortion and confusion and some amount of doubts about your partner.

Do not have negative thinking and keep the faith as overall things will improve as the month goes by. Marriage matters would be positive. There should be happy and very easy trends. There should be excellent time with spouse during this month. After the 12th January 2017, there could be some external influences in your marriage so you should remain cautious.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good. There would be gains from many sources. Some of them might be illegal also. Some amount of hassles with tax authorities also possible so be careful on that account. Income would be good throughout the month. Investments should be handled with care. You should not take any risk in money matters and any investments which are doubtful should not be handled at all.

Students and Children: Students would have a positive month. There would be rise in position and growth. Exam results would also be good. Some element of distraction would be present. Try not to waste your time during this month. Children related matters are good also. Position of children would rise. Some amount of doubts and difference of opinion with children is possible. Try to avoid that as much as possible.

Health and Family: Your health would be good mostly except some rise in anxiety and anger after the 20th January 2017. Try not to remain angry and speak freely as much as possible. You should however be careful about minor chances of an injury. Family life would be good throughout this month. Some behind-the-scene activity and planning against you is possible so keep your eyes and ears open.