Pisces Monthly Horoscope


(Pisces this Month overview January 2017) January 2017 would be a challenging month for you. You are experiencing the combination of Jupiter (your governing planet ) and Rahu (creating illusions). This could make you undergo a marked change in your thinking & personality. Extreme volatility & fluctuation in your nature would be present currently. This could spoil relations with people close to you as well as create unnecessary animosity & competition. Your health too could be adversely affected due to stress & mood swings.

You could experience frequent anger which could affect health also. Immune system & stamina could dip after the 13th January 2017. This is a good time to expand business & try to find lucrative deals. Chances of an interest outside marriage could also take place. Good chances of travel this month after the 20th January 2017.

Career: The month could start with a block, competition & slowdown at work till the 11th January. Improvement would come after the 12th with good gains. You will however lose focus at work & need to remember to concentrate. Avoid sudden & impulsive decisions. Competition could rise now. Work environment would be good till the 12th January 2017 and there could be challenges thereafter.
Team & colleagues would see blocks till the 12th January 2017. Good gains could come with delegation thereafter.

Love & Marriage: Love life would be tough till the 11th January 2017. Ego & misunderstandings could prevail. Great progress after the 12th January 2017. Sex appeal & socializing would be high. Chances of new relationship possible. Existing relationships would be great throughout the month.
Marriage matters would be happy throughout too. Great time socializing after the 9th January 2017. Spouse could be angry till the 20th January 2017.

Money & Finances: Money matters would be below expectations till the 20th January 2017. Luck in finances will improve after the 20th January 2017. There could be rise in wasteful expenses this month. Income will be good this month. Investments would be good throughout. Avoid speculation.

Children & Students: Children would have a great month. There would be some fluctuations in temperament of children this month. Students have a good month although distractions would be high. Exam results are good after the 20th January 2017.

Health & family: Health could be challenging due to anger, minor injuries & low energy after the 13th January 2017. Family life will be poor till the 20th January 2017 & very good thereafter.