Libra Monthly Horoscope


(Libra this Month overview January 2017) January 2017 is going to be a positive month for you. You are on the right track and there should be gains and growth throughout this month. You would be active, outgoing and there should be a general expansion in whatever things you undertake during this month. Some amount of issues with family, extended family mostly could be present throughout this month. Be careful and avoid open conflict with family members. The month could start off with the tendency for you to write and speak things which could be controversial. You should be very careful till the 9th January 2017 after which this trend will pass off and there would be an overall improvement.

Mostly you will find your speech could be negative and aggression could also build up in your expression after the 20th January 2017. Some amount of fear about conflict within the family and a minor injury on the face is possible in the next 2-3 months so you should remain very cautious. Further you will find that your activity could get connected with people in position of authority and politics. There could be new areas that could open up and bring in good amount of gains also. If you handle the situation judicially you will get again a lot of money and income during this time.

Career: Career would be positive mostly. There should be growth and gains throughout. After the 9th January 2017 substantial growth is possible due to increase in your customer or client base. Work environment would be quite positive and exciting. There could be some interesting trends and possibility of work place romance. This could be distracting so you should be cautious overall. Team and colleagues will also be very helpful. There should be substantial gains due to the team but again there could be chances of distraction so be very careful.

Love and Marriage: Love life will be excellent. You would find yourself with very high sex appeal till the 12th January 2017 and good chances of new relationships would be present. Steady trends in love matters remain throughout. Existing relationships would be positive. After the 20th January 2017 there could be aggression so be very careful about what you speak. Marriage matters would be average. Spouse could remain aggressive and try to be in control. Some verbal conflict with spouse is possible after the 20th January also.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good but there would also be a jump in expenses and commitments. Some wasteful expenses or loss of money is possible after the 20th January 2017 so be very careful about increasing any overheads. Income will be good throughout this month. Investments should be handled with care. You could stand to lose some money in investments if you are not cautious.

Students and Children: Students have a positive month. There would be good results in exams. Overall learning will be good. You might try to use some underhand tactics for your success in studies but its better you do not try such things. Children related matters are happy, positive. Children would have a time to celebrate. There should be some difficult decisions regarding children so you should handle that with caution.

Health and Family: Your health will be good throughout the month. Mostly there should be positive trends. Be cautious about any small injury as such. Family life will be good but aggression could build up after the 20th January 2017 so be very careful.