Cancer Monthly Horoscope


(Cancer this Month overview January 2017) January 2017 is a challenging month. You might find various hurdles building up. Opposition also could build up against what your common thought process is. Mostly this month will make you agitated, angry and slightly confused on the sub-conscious level and difficult to get along with. Firstly you will find your energy and stamina dip after the 13th January 2017 and that could make you a bit irritable and 9th January 2017 onwards you might tend to get into verbal conflicts and arguments unnecessarily with partners or spouse. Further, confusions and differences of opinion could crop up in various areas. Mind could be at unrest.

There could be disturbing negative thoughts, dreams could also be negative and make you a bit unsettled. Worry about health could prevail throughout this month. Mostly these combinations are not positive and might make your behavior and performance subprime. You should try to focus on getting positive energy. Control anger as much as possible and during this time try not to be negative or vindictive. Once you get into the next month most of these issues should get sorted to a large extent.

Career: Career will be in a creative phase but aggressive. You might find lots of opportunities in joint areas of work or in foreign trade but most of the time there could be anxiety, anger or aggression issues. Try to avoid these issues if you wish to progress at work. Work environment would be positive and gainful but confusing. You might send out the wrong signals and interpret wrong things when dealing with colleagues. Do not let that bring in negativity around you. Team and colleagues could get into a confrontative mode after the 9th January 2017. Before the 9th January 2017 you would have very good support and progress and there should be a positive environment at work for you.

Love and Marriage: Love life will not be easy. You will feel distant and deprived. There could be confusion and some sort of conflict in love matters. Avoid ego as much as possible. Existing relationships are ready to get into an aggressive and fighting mode. Do not build up resentment as 20th January 2017 onwards the outlook is not positive. Be cautious as much as you can. Marriage matters would be positive but at the same time aggression is about to build up in that area also. Be careful about any fights. Verbal conflicts could rise after the 9th January 2017. Try to be as cautious and careful as possible in marriage matters.

Money and Finances: Money matters are positive. There should be abundant inflows. You might get money due to circumstances that you did not plan. You might get money due to advantage which comes in due to disadvantage of others. Be careful and honest in money matters throughout this month. Income could be lower than usual and you might find some issues. Investments should be handled with a lot of care, do not get into any speculation at all.

Students and Children: Students have a tough month. There could be lots of issues, controversy and conflict. Exam results could be very erratic and unreliable so you need lots of hard work and imagination for better results. Children related matters are not happy. Health of children could be poor. Avoid conflict and issues with children throughout this period.

Health and Family: Your health would be average this month. There could be worry and there could be reasons for fear unnecessarily. Recovery could be poor if you get ill after the 13th January 2017, so be careful as much as possible. Family life would seem to be happy but there could be problems. Avoid controversy and keep your channels open.