Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


(Aquarius this Month overview January 2017) Aquarius would find this month positive. There would be growth and new activity overall. You will find yourself extremely active and busy during this month. The most active areas would be family and work related partnerships. There should be a deluge of opportunities and new thoughts about opportunities at work. Major decisions should not be taken during this time as you might end up having a distorted view of things currently. Further you might have a different thought about marriage matters and relationships also and there also you need to be conservative and slow at times. Energy and stamina could be low and you might end up feeling sleepy at times till the 13th January 2017.

Beyond 13th January 2017 overall improvements will take place and good amount of growth and activity will be present. Further, mind could be a bit disturbed after the 9th January 2017 and distractions could be present but do not worry too much as it’s just a minor trend that will happen. You will find a lot of rise in authority and a lot of responsibility thrust upon you during this time that will make you work very hard also. Mostly it is a very dynamic time after the 20th January 2017.

Career: Career would be in a very positive phase now. High activity from overseas sources, expansion and growth will be present. However lots of pressures in activity will also be present in your life as regards work is concerned. The level of activity will peak after the 20th January 2017. New growth and new developments will take place during this month towards the end of this month. You will find good amount of trust will come in from marketing and expansion related efforts of yours. It is a good time for career progress. Work environment would be positive and happy till the 9th January 2017 and a dip and distance with colleagues will take place thereafter. Team members and subordinates would be very helpful to you. Luck would be high due to your team and you could gain tremendously by relying on your colleagues and delegating your work.

Love and Marriage: Love life is interesting. There would be happy positive trends, sex appeal would be high and socially it would be an excellent time till the 12th January 2017. Thereafter a dip in love life will be felt and activity levels will fall down. Existing relationships would be fine till the 9th January 2017 and there will be a dip thereafter so avoid getting into any sort of a controversy with your partner during this month. Marriage matters would be very active. If unmarried, there are very high chances of finding a match now and a quick marriage could also take place during this time. Existing marriages could undergo some rough weather as there could be resentment, some imagined problems and differences of opinion. Spouse could turn very unsteady in temperament during this month. Avoid controversy.

Money and Finances: Money matters would be good. There would be growth and gains in finances and your financial position would rise overall. Income would be good throughout this month and there should be steady progress in finances due to income also. Investments should be handled very carefully. There could be chances of losses and wrong decisions especially after the 9th January 2017 so be very careful.

Students and Children: Students would have an average month. There would be distractions and some amount of difficulties after the 9th January 2017. Exam results however would be very positive so nothing much to worry about as such. Children related matters are pretty happy. You will have an excellent time with children. Mostly it is a good time and progress with children is also assured during this month.

Health and Family: Your health should be good throughout this month. Mostly it is a positive and good trend overall. Family life will also be very good. It is a very active time so you might have travel or great amount of happiness with family members during this time.