Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Zodiac Sign stands for balance, proportion and a sense of coordination. Establishing harmony and uniformity can be their biggest dilemma or strength. They want to achieve balance, but it is not always possible depending upon the planetary placement in their chart. If you know a person with Libra horoscope, you will instantly realize what we are talking about. Libra do not fuss or act loud when shopping, there style sense is sleek and elegant too. Libra is a socialite, thus reputation and appreciation among their social circle is very important for them. Nevertheless, some Libras also have a tendency to become people pleaser, thus their fashion choices are influenced by what others think than what they intrinsically want. Libra are cheerful with a great sense of humor. They are generous and even-tempered, thus never disappoint you if you take them along for a shopping tour. Generally, they know how to strike a balance between spending and saving money, unless their planetary placement is weak. So if you are looking for something trendy and stylish at a discounted price, always drag them along for they have a way with words to persuade anyone. Those annual sales and shopping festivals appeal to your soul. You tend to grab the best bargains usually because you know how to handle people. Finding the middle ground is one of your most-cherished skills. You like to observe the product from all angles, considering its merits and demerits to ultimately purchase something hip and chic at a reasonable price. Nevertheless, it is not unlikely for you to cross your budget borders. You have a special inclination towards designer labels and brands. You balance-seekers often end up struggling to balance your bank balance. When it comes you your shopping style, you are inclined towards symmetry in design and harmony in color combination. Whatever you buy should fit you perfectly.

Libra are easygoing and relaxed, they tend to leave everything to the last minute. Their wedding shopping starts 15 days prior to the date of ceremony. If it’s a trip, they start packing at the eleventh hour. In fact, they will not mind if someone else can do it for them. Libra is a true procrastinator. Libra are likely to be random shoppers, unlike Virgo who come prepared with a shopping list in mind. Libra like to explore the market at their own pace, take time to decide. ‘To buy or not to buy’ is often their biggest dilemma for them when shopping. You may spot them comparing two pieces of junk jewelry since like forever to ultimately buy a classic delicate necklace. Sometimes they find it difficult to keep their scales of “spending” and “saving” balanced, tend to overspend due to buying things that they do not need at all. Gorgeous and lavish things that help grab others’ attention get a Libra excited. Their strong need to be in a social circle regulates their shopping behavior. Luxurious and expensive looking items that may help them gain respect in public eye are always welcome in their shopping cart. From scented perfumes and fragrances to luxurious jewelry sets, to designer labels and latest high-tech gadgets, Libra tend to splurge a lot on plush items in order to gain name and fame. Libra is a feminine sign. Libra women tend to be inclined towards all things oozing womanliness such as scented candles and perfumes, floral dresses, pastel shades, stilettos, and ballerinas. Delicate items such as lace, dangling earrings, delicate bracelets, gauzy chains, bow and polka dot hair bands and accessories, and hair styling essentials, all appeal to their imagination. It is because Libra have an aesthetic sense.

Element: – Libra element is Air
Libra Symbol: – Scale is the symbol of Libra.
Color: Libra color is white and pink.
Other lucky colors – Other lucky colors are green as well as black or brown.
Lucky Day: Friday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 5 , 6 , 8 , 14, 15, 23 and 24 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Libra is Venus. Venus is termed as natural benefic planet in Vedic astrology and it signifies love, emotions, sacrifice, affection and care for their loved ones.
Detriment – Sun is main detriment planet for Libra.
Exaltation – Saturn is exalted in Libra.
Birthstone – Diamond is the birth stone for Libra. It adds love, affection, care and optimism which might be missing in Libras.
Greatest Overall Libra Compatibility: Gemini and Virgo are the compatibility sign with Libra.
Libra Date: 23 September – 22 October are the dates for Libra.
Strengths: Witty and humorous nature, Joyful mood, Exploring new areas of interest.
Weaknesses: Sadness, Frustration.
Libra likes: Optimistic attitude, Giving respect, Devotion.
Libra dislikes: Treachery, Domination.

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