Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo’s zodiac sign mascot is “the lion” who is the actual king of the jungle, governs the wildlife, nature, forest and mountains! Those born in Leo do great in fields such as wildlife conservation, forest management, zoology, botany, ecology, microbiology and so on. Also, since Leo is a Fire sign representing courage, bravery and a serving nature, Leos can also join the league of firefighters. Leo, being ruled by Sun which has gold as its corresponding metal, likes royalty thus do well in areas dealing with gold jewelry and precious stones. Leos particularly do wonders when they have the authority to exercise freedom, whether it is a business or job. Leos as kids are very sharp and active. You are one of those who spend most of their school time in the naughty corner. You are a born showman. Even if you are not studious and lack qualification, you do better than your peers, as you learn more from life than from the books. The reason for your success is often your irresistible charm. However, you need a solid educational background to match up to your dreams of being in the spotlight and make a mark in the world. Leos have an innate capability to lead in the world, they are the bearer of unique energy, vigor and courage required to inspire others and ignite action. They have a charisma to make their presence felt, lead others, inspire and make a difference. They have a focused approach, with great decision-making capability, which drifts them towards fields that lead to administration jobs such as chief executives, decision makers, business planners, civil servants, politicians, ministers etc.

Those born in Leo Zodiac Sign are creative heads – in fact, you love activities that involve self-expression. Moreover, when this tendency blends with your need for constant attention, the areas of education that seem most suitable for your artistic instinct are performing arts such as dance, music, and acting and even quiet art forms such as writing and painting. Art helps you balance your overflow of emotions and satisfies your inner creative impulse. Leos possess a sunnier and happy persona, able to bring positive vibes and an optimistic outlook on table. You are blessed with the art of healing, have a cheering charisma, which makes you a great fit for medical professions, cheerleading, coaching, law, mentorship, teaching and healing. Since you are a generous and helping soul, these areas of education and career grant you emotional satisfaction. Leos are not just great speakers; they can even work their fingers to the bone. They often do well in areas that need a smart approach and involve interaction with people from different walks of life. Where force of personality can be an asset becomes a potential area of education for Leo. Their sociable and extrovert nature makes them fit for educational pursuits such as marketing, sales, public relations, client dealing, and so on. However, you get bored easily, you cannot do things just for the sake of doing them; you need a higher purpose and should do what you love. Since everyone has different set of skills and astral position in the horoscope, a reading of the natal chart by an expert astrologer is advisable to choose a line of career that aligns with your goals.

Element: – Leo element is Fiery
Leo Symbol: – Lion is the symbol of Leo which signifies true leaders and fearless attitude.
Color: Leo color is red which signifies aggression and act of domination.
Other lucky colors – Prominent one is Yellow.
Lucky Day: – Sunday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: – 1, 2, 3, 9 , 11, 12 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: – Ruling planet for Leo is Sun which denotes Father, leaders, energy, Government and politicians.
Detriment – Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are main detriment planet for Leo.
Exaltation – No planet is exalted in Leo.
Debilitated – No planet gets debilitated in Leo.
Birthstone – Ruby is the gemstone for Leo which enriches the qualities of Leo. It gives courage and power to face this world. It also gives energy and passion that most of the Leo has under their belt.
Greatest Overall Leo Compatibility: Cancer are most compatibility signs for Leo as they can give protection and warmth that is badly needed by the cancerians.
Leo Date: 23 July – 22 August are the dates for Leo.

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