Leo – 2018 horoscope predictions for Leo, lvoe, marriage, business and finance

2018 Leo horoscope | 2018 Astrology Predictions | 2018 Leo Forecast

Leo Horoscope 2018, there would be income rise, gains and positive investments as the year begins. But during the middle of the year, you may face issues in your marital and family life. Some breathing issue or chest infection may also keep you troubled. After September, your career would elevate. Seniors would recognize your efforts and there would be a lot of profits. Good marriage prospects also exist after September. You would get help from your father in money matters and income would increase. Leo natives looking to step up the corporate ladder could look forward to the period between October and December. Your income would improve during the period from February to March. However, this rise in career would only be possible if you meet deadlines on time. Do not make commitments that you cannot fulfill. Also, you should try to maintain a cordial relationship with boss. Leo, Students need to work hard in the beginning of the year; else, they may tarnish their image. The period after September is positive to get fame in writing, sports, beauty, and performing arts such as dance. Your network with eminent people is definitely going to help you become famous. Use your talents wisely! Leo natives seem to be a little stubborn in love matters.

They are the born kings, so you have to give them the center stage. Compliment them and respect their need for freedom and privacy. But at the same time, also try to not leave them alone for long. Leo, while their micro-management may irritate you a lot, you need to keep your patience. Instead of using anger, you should butter up your boss. Failing to do that, you might fall from their grace. Try to mitigate the communication gap, as it would help avoid misunderstandings. 2018 You would be able to form a deep bonding with your acquaintances. You are likely to indulge in a lot of group activities this year. Communication would improve which would also expand your involvement and societal base. However, you might be a little manipulative and may struggle to understand your friends or it could be the other way round. Feeling of jealousy and diplomacy could mess up your relations a little until September, so be careful.