Aquarius – 2018 horoscope predictions for Aquarius, lvoe, marriage, business and finance

2018 Aquarius horoscope | 2018 Astrology Predictions | 2018 Aquarius Forecast

Aquarius Horoscope 2018, be patient for planets are going to take quite long to elevate your career. You may have to wait until the end of the year to get a promotion. And to get it, you would have to work hard relentlessly and try to get noticed by seniors. If you continue to work this way, your salary would also increase this year.
Aquarius, while the whole year seems to be low on account of bringing fame, the last few months may prove rewarding in fields such as sports, business etc.. Victory in debate competition is also possible if you work hard enough. Aquarius, If you have set your eyes on an Aquarius, it would be really hard to get yourself noticed. They need a shake-up! Words are just not enough to express your love. You need to show it! Get into the dating rituals like compliments, presents, flowers, and travel together. Aquarius, your boss wants you to be on your own so don’t rely on others for little tasks. This is the time to show that you can handle things yourself. Work hard to meet deadlines and listen to what your boss has to say. Otherwise, you may fall from their favor.

2018 social life trends for Aquarius, Your social life in 2018 would improve drastically. You are likely to have the time of your life with your loved ones and friends. You might also initiate a long journey, so expect to meet new people as well. The last quarter of the year seems more promise as you would attain a lot of recognition in society. Aquarius, you may get involved in social work in 2018. Fame is in the cards too. Your income may also rise this year. You should however avoid any foreign travel initially. The period after September is good for study matters. You would take wise decisions and may get a good news from your children too. This is a good time to take up a job. Things would be smooth with spouse as well.