Gemini Zodiac Sign

Versatile, flexible and a multi-tasker, those born in Gemini horoscope tend to touch extremes when it comes to shopping. You will either find them splurging every bit of their bankroll or saving every penny possible of the next month’s paycheck. Gemini are social butterflies, thrive in conversations, have a great command on language. They have a rich social circle, thus spend a lot on shopping in order to be respected in their social sphere. They have the power to persuade. It’s like they have done PHD in bargaining. Gemini zodiac sign tend to be great to take along for a shopping excursion. Patient and cheerful, having Gemini as your shopping companion means a lot of fun is guaranteed. Gemini tend to follow intellect and practical approach over emotions. They may well remind you of your credit card limits. Their fashion sense is trendy; they are always updated with what is hot and what is not. Wondering if today is a good day to shops or not. you’ll most probably spot them talking to a salesperson bargaining the price of a dress they want badly. Gemini are quick, tend to hurriedly go from one shop to another, looking at different styles and their labels and storing all the information in their memory. They like to stay connected 24×7, thus you will probably find them comparing the price of two different dresses while having their mobile tucked under the chin – multi-tasking is there area of expertise, always. If you are looking to hunt a killer bargain or deal, taking a Gemini along for a shopping excursion is always a good idea. Latest sales and deals are their favorite. However, sometimes Gemini end up strolling quickly from one place to another without actually buying anything. Or at times, they end up purchasing something because it is available on a discounted price, not because they need it. They find advertisements, discounts and coupons magnetic, leading to irrelevant purchases.

Gemini tend to show off, and need a lot of attention (not as much as Leo though). They like to make decisions such as what to buy, whether to go to the mall or the supermarket, who all to take along etc. They are a little bossy at times and show off too. Nevertheless, their ability to negotiate and persuade is unparalleled. You will most probably take home something gorgeous at an incredibly low price, provided you have the patience required to listen to their endless chatter. Trust us, Gemini always remain up-to-date so may take you to some undiscovered market to find a killer bargain on trendy items. Gemini tend to be practical, methodical, and ruled by intellect and intelligence. They do not prefer to shop in malls, rather prefer to shop online or in supermarkets where they can get an expensive looking product at a bargained price. Gemini men are likely to be a lot more stable and calm than Gemini women. Take him along for he won’t mind holding your shopping bags and play the supporting role. Communication is the biggest asset of Gemini. They seek intellectual stimulation, things that challenge their mind are often welcomed wholeheartedly in their shopping cart, whether it is the new gadget in the market or a puzzle game. Technology that eases their communication and collaboration also appeals to their mind, such as selfie sticks, web cams, task management tools etc. All these make it easy for them to stay connected and popular among their social circle. When it comes to fashion inspiration, you can always turn to a Gemini. Trendy and chic, they generally buy things even before they become a trend. Their style preference is for bold and eccentric with a punch of fun. From junk jewelry to books and magazines, their shopping list often includes a lot of variety. When they plan to travel, their shopping list is an amalgamation of camera, guidebooks, foreign language lesson CDs, microscope and so on.

Element: – Gemini element is airy
Gemini Symbol: – Twins is the symbol for Gemini which signifies brotherhood and unity.
Color: Gemini color is green which specifies happiness, satisfaction and sufficiency.
Other lucky colors – Prominent one are brown and black.
Lucky Day: Wednesday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 8 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Gemini is Mercury which denotes communication, knowledge and hidden talents.
Detriment – Mars is main detriment planet for Gemini
Exaltation – No planet is exalted in Gemini.
Birthstone – Emerald is the gemstone for Gemini which enhances positive traits like communication, positivity, decision making and happiness.
Greatest Overall Gemini Compatibility: Capricorn and Aquarius are the compatibility sign with Gmini.
Date range: May 21-June 20 are the dates for Gemini.