Gemini – 2018 horoscope predictions

2018 Gemini horoscope | 2018 Astrology Predictions | 2018 Gemini Forecast

Gemini Horoscope 2018, the period from January to April is positive for those who are into sports, writing or fine arts. If you make efforts, you could do well in these areas. Between September and December, those in politics, socials services and law may get fame due to their association with people of eminent ranks and their own hard work.

The last quarter of the year is an opportune period in terms of getting a promotion at work. While the pay scale would increase, you would not feel satisfied. If you seek an even better package, you need to make efforts and show your work. Other than that, you also need to control your habit of spreading rumors at work. Gemini natives seek someone just like them, cheery, chatty, and affectionate. If you can get involved emotionally & intellectually and give an ear to their concerns and fears, you are good to go. If you can’t be their best friend, better reconsider the match.

2018 Social Life Trends for Gemini People will consider you an integral part of the group. You may also indulge in charity and social work. You would come across as a friendly and sociable person. Watch out though as endless hangouts with friends could lead to over-indulgence at times. You might also plan some events or group activities within your social circle. Just avoid being an attention seeker. Your boss may be too dominating in 2018. It would be best to avoid indulging in arguments. They might not offer help so it is better to get things done on your own. Do not approach them for every little thing as it may put them off. Gemini, you might purchase a home or vehicle in 2018 during the period before September. Until then, your hard work would bring positive results in business too. There could be some wasteful travels and sudden losses though. A chronic disease may also rise up again. After September, your attitude would be quite lazy; you would however observe improvement in health. Some religious trip is also in the cards post September.