Aries Daily Horoscope

Today, your main focus would be on to managing your professional front but overall due to lot of obstructions at your work place, you might feel tired and lethargic. You had to take proper care of your health matters too.

General Information About Aries

Aries horoscope overview Aries is first sign of the zodiac signs list. Aries Symbol is Ram which also symbolizes to go higher in life. Mars is house lord of Aries zodiac sign which represents passion, aggression, leadership, domination, courage and stamina. This sign color is red, As red signifies aggression, passion, fighting spirit as well as fearless attitude and no doubt Aries sign have all this necessary ingredients in them, but this natural traits can be modified as according to the position of Mars. Aries lucky numbers are 1, 2 and 9 and this numbers provide much luckier positive vibes than any other numbers for the Aries person. Aries luckier day tends to be Tuesday and luckier gemstone to be Red coral which can be worn in ring finger on Tuesday with Mantra “ Om Kram Kreem Kroum sah bhaumaya namah “ but birth chart had to studied before prescribing or wearing gemstone. Sun gets exalted in Aries where as Saturn gets debilitated in Aries.

Aries zodiac Sign Personality: If we look Aries personality traits they are born leaders who does not want to bow down in any condition. They love to give a tough fight and impossible word is not in there dictionary. They are full of courage and stamina and not relax till they do not achieve their goal. If Aries gets weaker in chart then Aries person will be less confident , lethargic , not able to take decisions properly which will be a big barrier to move ahead but they love independence and act as like one man army handling all pressures to reach to their aim. Aries zodiac sign are born leaders and love taking initiative. They will not relax till the time there goals are not met. This sign is masculine sign. They left no stone unturned to complete their endeavors .When malefic planet is posited in Aries then they are egoistic, aggressive and dominating where as benefic planet like Jupiter enriches the qualities of Aries and then Aries become protective, caring and devoted. In general terms, they always want to remain on top and wants recognition and appreciation for their work which again energizes them to work with double force. It does not mean that they are heartless but they do have childish heart from inside and they will show there care and protection to the one they love the most.

Aries Nature of Boy or Girl: Aries have Cardinal quality means as according to situation they tend to change as to fulfill their dreams. They are not receptive and as according to the situation bounce back with full force and strength. They do not like to sit down and depend on destiny to change fortunes for them instead they are true leaders and take challenges as and when they come to them. There body and mind works in tandem to achieve their aim. If they think that by changing their nature or attitude, they get maximum benefit then they suddenly change and adapt according to the situation. Aries zodiac sign element is Fire which means aggression and fighting spirit and this are always inherited in Aries person. Patience is too low in them and even small incident hikes there aggression thus whenever you come across Aries person show restraint or do not talk anything that raise their BP levels .You cannot say No to Aries person as they wants to fulfill their commitments at all cost . They will employ all means to remain on top and works from their mind rather than their heart.

Aries Love Relationships: Aries are true lover and can go to any stage to give love warmth to their lover. At the same time they are Jealous too and does not like negativity in there lover and that is sufficient to bring aggression out of the Aries men or women.Aries are possessive people and even slightest difference of opinion might leads to hot atmosphere. At times they want love to be in there own terms.Negative Mars in the chart might leads to quarrels, doubts and fights in relationship where one person does not want to listen to other where as positive Mars in chart will make Arians who are protective and will shower love and emotions to his/her spouse as much as possible.On General note, If you give True love to arians then they will be one of the most lovable and protective person. Read More Aries