Cancer Zodiac Sign

Those born in Cancer zodiac sign are nurturing souls, thus love to take their close ones for a shopping adventure every now and then. Due to their patience and compassion, they make great shopping companions. Those with Cancer horoscope have a practical mindset when it comes to business, but also have a generous heart. They tend to be good with savings, but have a tendency to splurge it all when it comes to their loved ones. At times, Cancer also tend to neglect their own wishes because they spend most of the time in fostering others or in thriving business. Their intuitive capability is strong, thus they always know what the other person needs. You will never see a Cancer reminding their shopping companion of their credit card limits. They are generous and kindhearted enough to let them spend it all, thus, end up cash-strapped at times. When accompanying someone for shopping, Cancer tend to mind their own business and neither interfere nor give unsolicited advice. However, when it comes to shopping excursions directed towards them, they expect the same behavior from their fellows.  Whether you are planning to buy a gift for Cancer or wondering if to take them along, this detailed guide about their shopping preferences and spending habits of Cancer horoscope will definitely be of help. Shopping for Cancer is a trip down the memory lane. Cancer generally have set preferences, they like to visit the tried and tested markets. They usually cling to things they have because they tend to form an emotional connection with their possessions. They are not frequent shoppers, but when they do, they want to be left alone to shop at their own pace because they tend to spend a lot of time comparing different brands and prices. Comfort for them matters the most when it comes to clothing. Cancer are likely to be very patient and prudent in their shopping endeavors. If you saw someone patiently waiting for their companion to try out different dresses without whining at all, you most definitely spotted a Cancer.

Cancer are sensitive people, emotions and feelings are of utmost importance to them. They generally buy things that have some emotional significance. They may have inclination to a particular color, may be because it reminds them of someone special. Their home is full of customized items such as personalized pillows, photo frames, engraved champagne glasses, photo mugs, and so on. Soft tones and delicate jewelry appeal to their imagination such as pearls. Antique coins also strike a chord with Cancer because of their love for history and ancestry. They are not someone who would prefer to buy a new automobile. They would rather like to get their father’s old Fiat modified. It is the emotional value that matters for them the most. For Cancer the crab, its shell is very important. Cancer want their home to look beautiful, and ooze serenity and comfort. They want to build a contented place with a huge sofa where they can sink in and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in their favorite mug with childhood photo. House essentials generally top their shopping list. When it comes to fashion, Cancer oozes a perfect blend of comfort and style. Their style sense is subtle; they prefer soft tones and pastel shades over dark and mystic hues like deep red. Their wardrobe looks organized, and full of comfy pajamas and bath essentials for Cancer love to pamper themselves. Cancer also tend to have a penchant for liquid being a water sign. Perfume bottles, wine, body lotions etc keep popping up in their suggested buys online. Cancer generally display great cooking skills, thus cookware, cappuccino maker, a new crystal piece in the crockery or a new china set are a few great ways they like to splurge their cash constructively. Detail-oriented things having some emotional value and depth appeal to them. Their favorite buys remain handmade decorative items, hand-embroidered ethnic wear, bath essentials, and organic and recycled rudiments.

Element: – Cancer element is water
Cancer Symbol: – Crab is the symbol of cancer.
Color: Cancer color is white which signifies peace and no doubt cancers are messengers of peace and spread that where ever they go.
Other lucky colors – Prominent one are Red and Yellow.
Lucky Day: Monday is the lucky day.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 3 and 9 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view.
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Cancer is Moon which denotes emotions, Mother, white things, mind and soul.
Detriment – Saturn is main detriment planet for Cancer.
Exaltation – Jupiter is exalted in Cancer.
Debilitated – Mars falls or gets debilitated in Cancer.
Birthstone – Pearl is the gemstone for cancer which enriches the qualities of Cancer. It strengthens mind and takes out you from depression as well as curb negative feelings as well.
Greatest Overall Cancer Compatibility: Sagittarius and Aries are compatibility signs for Cancer.
Cancer Date: 21 june-22 July are the dates for Cancer.

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