Cancer – 2018 horoscope predictions

2018 Cancer horoscope | 2018 Astrology Predictions | 2018 Cancer Forecast

Cancer Horoscope 2018, if you are looking to come up through the ranks, the period between July and September is quite favorable. Your CTC would also improve a lot. But to reach this position, you need to come out of the confusing thoughts, work independently and take decisions with a strong mind.

Cancer, your married life would have a rough time before September. You may have to work harder to succeed in competitive scenarios. After September, you may undertake a foreign trip too. And the planets would bring respite in health matters thereafter. Chances of inheritance are high as well post September. You may however resort to delay and procrastination. Cancer natives want to be protected, loved and pampered. They want deep emotional involvement and want you to make them feel secure. Your Cancer interest is likely to have a weak spot for indulgent food so make sure to eat out together.  Domination may not work in your favor when around a Cancer.

Cancer, If you are a sportsperson, writer or an artist, chances of fame are high during the month of January and February. You could also get recognition in business as well but self-efforts should be high. The period from June to August could rather bring defame in your share. And the period after September is also promising in terms being famous and your good business network and hard work would help you a lot. 2018 social life trends for Cancer, Your social life may observe extreme periods. At times, you would be quite participative and compassionate, especially during February to May and after October and at others, you may be isolated & secluded, especially during June to October. This could be due to your dedication at the work front or your introvert disposition. Cancer, you need to polite with your boss. Try to be on friendly terms with them, share your concerns and feelings as well. Show some excitement about their idea and don’t forget to share yours either. Showing your skills and talents would help make an impression.