What problems you could face in 2017?

Whether you are a Scorpio looking for love or Aries businessperson looking to get the ball rolling, the predictions below for the year 2017 would help you have a smooth journey in whatever task you undertake. Our expert astrologers have spotted the obstacles each zodiac sign might encounter in 2017, so you could prepare to leap over the roadblocks in advance. This 2017 Horoscope is based on Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was placed in your horoscope at the time of birth.

Aries: Aries parents looking forward to family planning may face hurdles in progeny matters. It would better to consult an expert on time. Moreover, your inclination in corruption and deceitful deeds may also backfire. It would be in your best interest to follow an honest path in 2017.

Taurus: You need to get a grip on yourself. Lack of harmony and coordination in personal and domestic life may cause issues until September. Your performance may go down so be alert and work hard enough or you would end up unnoticed at work.

Gemini: Your marriage could be in trouble if you don’t pay attention. Chances of separation or strife exist, so try to keep your life together and do not put your spouse on the back burner. Some difference of opinion may lead to disputes so it would be better to be calm and polite. Emotional dissatisfaction may also persist so try to spend time doing things you like and keep your mind calm and composed.

Cancer: You also need to pay heed to where your marriage is going or you might end up getting separated. A little effort to save your relationship would go a long way. This year, some chronic health issue may also keep you disturbed so guard yourself accordingly.

Leo: 2017 may bring some issues with the boss, which may not be good for your career. Your relationship with partner may also suffer. In fact, there could be a break-up or long gap between you two, may be psychological due to a misunderstanding. Try to work things out in time so as to avoid such a situation.

Virgo:  Virgo, you need to put your money management skills to use this year. There are strong chances of unexpected losses, high expenses and wasteful travel. An unfavorable job change may also occur so it would be better to roll up your sleeves and be prepared. You may also have to stay away from your family.

Libra: Your relationship with coworkers and boss may suffer which might affect your work life and lead to career downfall indeed. It would be best to avoid a harsh language at work and play tactful. You may be overly ambitious and sociable this year, and these tendencies may not favor you much.

Scorpio: Siblings’ health may become a cause of concern this year. Your life would be hectic & busy, which may affect you work-life balance and lead to clashes. You need to set your priorities wisely so as to strike a chord between your personal and professional life.

Sagittarius: Finance may not be the most favorable aspect of your life this year. There could be unexpected losses too so prepare yourself in advance to tackle such mishaps. At work, your relationship with colleagues may suffer so try to be more cooperative and handle them wisely.

Capricorn: Capricorn, 2017 may bring unexpected health issues and even chances of accident, so better be safe than sorry. Unwanted expenses and journeys may misbalance your finance so saving is the key to sail through the year smoothly. All this could lead to emotional dissatisfaction too so come up with a strategy in advance.

Aquarius: Lack of sensuality and physical satisfaction may persist in your relationship so try to work upon this area. Moreover, disagreement with spouse may lead to troubles too. Overall, a sense of disappointment may persist in life, mostly on account of lack of warmth in your relationship. Some unexpected losses may also disturb the stability of life.

Pisces: Boss may not favor you much so you may have to put in extra efforts to make an impression. Moreover, spouse health may also cause worries. Income drop make also disturb the flow so gear up accordingly to tackle these issues.