Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius zodiac sign, unconventional, eccentric and a little different is your approach to shopping. You like to do things your way. For your need to discover and love for all things new, retail therapy works wonders for you. You make a wonderful shopping partner too, especially if your fellows need a fashion advice, for you are always up with the latest trends way before they hit the Persian ramps. And did we mention that you are a bundle of ideas? Looks and styles that people are skeptical to try out are carried with ease by you quirky souls. Aquarius horoscope natives are usually quite patient with their shopping companions, unless they have to bear a conservative and close-minded shopping approach. But there is a high possibility of them appearing to be detached and aloof when shopping in a group. This is natural to them because they are so engrossed in observing the market and exploring the shelved of antique shops for an unusual buy that they tend to look lost in their own world. They have what it takes to find the best bargain though. Here is a detailed analysis of the spending habits of Aquarius horoscope. It may sound disappointing but you may never spot them. They are likely to be lost somewhere chic yet cheap looking for the most bizarre stuff that is soon to take the fashion industry by storm. It is highly likely that you may never have heard of the market they went to. Never mind, you can follow the trend once it is mainstream. Aquarius love to use new ways of doing things, especially those that ease a process. Don’t be surprised to meet an Aquarian who has not touched a grocery basket for years. Since the inception of ecommerce, Aquarians have contributed the most to its success. They love to shop online, for the ease of the experience. Their fashion sense is peculiar. Even if they have to wear a formal plain shirt, they always make sure to complement the look with funky scarves. They cannot help but be different.

Creative and innovative, Aquarians have a vivid and fertile imagination, a storehouse of ideas and innovation. They disdain predictable and conventional approaches, when novel ways are available. Science related things thus get their hearts racing. How about cool gadgets, soon to hit the market? Aquarians have a huge social circle, possibility across oceans and continents, thus gadgets that help them stay connected with well… the whole world are always welcome in their territory. Original in their ways, they like to buy original branded products than replicas. But this does not mean that they are too brand-conscious. They don’t mind buying things from little corner shops or street markets, provided they find the rarest items available that possibly no one else has. Having special affinity to space, Aquarians frequently shop things like telescopes, gemstones, astronomy books and lessons, space games and models (Star Wars or Angry Birds space?), toy airplanes and rockets, spinning globe, and so on. If you are planning to buy something for Aquarius, think astronaut costume, cosmic paperweight, or a movie collection relating to space –Interstellar, The Martian, Gravity, and Star Trek could be some cool ideas. Do you often hear from your friends things like ‘who the hell buys this crap?’ You must be an Aquarian then. You lot like to stand out of the crowd. Rather than following any trends, you become the trendsetters. What they wear either becomes a trend or gets weird look from observers. Never mind, Aquarian would rather prefer to borne a style that is so “them” than being a copycat. Out of the ordinary patterns and embroideries, strike a chord with Aquarians. They manage to hold their hands when spending to satiate the shopaholic in them. However, when it comes to investing in a cause they support, they go all out and tend to cross their budgetary limits. They do not even mind robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Element: – Aquarius element is Air
Aquarius Symbol: – Water bearer is the symbol for Aquarius
Color: Aquarius color is Brown
Other lucky colors – Other lucky color is Green
Lucky Day: Saturday is the lucky day
Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 6, 8, 13, 14, 15, 17 are lucky numbers from numerology point of view
Ruling Planet: Ruling planet for Aquarius is Saturn which signifies and expects hard work, thoughtful process, sincerity and hard work to accomplish work
Detriment – Sun will act as detriment planet for Aquarius
Exaltation – No planet is exalted in Aquarius.
Debilitated – No planet gets debilitated in Aquarius.
Birthstone – Blue sapphire is the lucky stone for Aquarius which give them enough feather in their innovative thinking, prompts them to put that extra amount of dedication that might be missing.
Greatest Overall Aquarius Compatibility: Gemini and Libra are the signs with good compatibility
Aquarius Date: 20/January-18/February
Strengths: Innovative thinking, Hard work, Dedication, Sincerity.
Weaknesses: Depression, Rigidness.
Aquarius likes: Agreeing with their views, Firmness.
Aquarius dislikes: Difference of opinion, not giving recognition.

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