2018 Transit Effects on Capricorn

Planetary transit from one sector of the horoscope to the other marks some key changes in life. These planetary transits can cast effects which can be very stark or could just be beneficial. The deciding factor of the effects is your own horoscope and how planets are positioned in different sectors of your horoscope. Following are the effects of the major planetary transits based on your natal chart which will be taking place in the year 2018 for the Capricorn natives.

Saturn Transit 2018 in Capricorn: Saturn is transiting in Sagittarius throughout 2018. It will increase your foreign contacts, Capricorn. There will be gains in this period. However, you might feel restless and over charged. There is a need to keep a check on your speech. Control the usage of rude words and avoid being too much straightforward. During this transit, you will get a chance to explore inner feelings and search for your personal identity. Try to make efforts for future development. On the other hand, you are likely to achieve success in competitions.

Jupiter Transit 2018 in Capricorn: Jupiter is transiting in Libra until the last quarter of 2018 in your house of career from natal Moon, Capricorn. You will spend money on your career during this time. You may have foreign connections and projects in your kitty. With the help of sound knowledge of the domain of your business or job, you will get rewards and acknowledgement. Your public image will also improve. However, your siblings may suffer in terms of health due to this transit. Mother may also feel low at times. On the bright side, wealth prospects seem positive. You may have to keep a check on your over spending habits. Nonetheless, an increase in assets will let you purchase expensive things like jewelry and stones.

Jupiter will move in Scorpio after 11th October which is positive for new investments for you. You would get good returns and gains in this period. Your wealth, intellect, communication skills, and overall prosperity will enhance. Traveling is also on the cards. Also, the transit may have a positive impact on your married life. On the other hand, if stuck in disputes, you would have the tact and wisdom to deal with them.

Mars Transit 2018 in Capricorn: Transit of Mars in 2018 seems positive for you, Capricorn. You would have financial gains from career. You will have more profits especially until 7th March due to skills and talent. On the other hand, family life would also be harmonious. However, after 7th March, your expenses may increase. Your relation with spouse may face ups and downs due to difference of opinions. Nonetheless, period from 2nd May until 6th November would bring a relief in terms of money. Domestic life will improve. In fact, family members will add many gains in the last few months of the year. Your social circle will also grow. On the downside, health of father and children demands attention.

Rahu Transit 2018 in Capricorn: Transit of Rahu in the year 2018 will bring energy and valor in you, Capricorn. The horoscope indicates prosperity but not as per expectation. You might have to face problems in married life. There will be disputes without any reason. Your spouse may lose temper suddenly which will disturb the relationship. On the other hand, partnership in business might also have some obstacles. However, your health seems fine. Some short trips are also indicated. There is a need to show love and concern to family especially siblings.

Ketu Transit 2018 in Capricorn: Ketu transit in ascendant from natal Moon may bring your smart side on the fore front. Your speech and nature might have a negative influence on others. They may not appreciate your attitude and way of talking. In order to control the damage, you need to be humble and polite. On the other hand, you may have some issues in your married life. Progeny prospects are not rosy either. Overall, seems like this period is not much favorable for you, Capricorn. It will be a good idea if you analyze your work before commencing it.

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