Why do we believe in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a science which is a thousand years old. It is an art which is practiced by ancient Indian sages and its help is widely taken by persons all over the globe. In India, for checking marriage compatibilities, for finding solutions to various problems help of Indian Horoscope and its Remedies are taken. Not only that, even for fixing time for construction of houses or to begin any auspicious work help of Almanac (Panchang) are taken for fixing Astrological Muhurathas.So, Astrology applications are numerous, especially in India and to commence any auspicious work without Astrology is like to prepare food without fire. In Indian astrology main importance is given to the Moon and Nakshtra (Asterism) and without the use of this tool, predictions would be very tough to make as opposed to western astrology where Sun is given prime importance.

There are total 12 astrology Zodiac signs and broadly categorized into 4 sections

Fire Signs :
All these three zodiac signs have one thing in common by which we can get glimpse of there personality as well that this are fiery signs and as like fire they have aggression in them which let them keep going even in adverse circumstances. By this characteristic, they can face even tougher situations with ease. They will fight all odds and eventually come as winner in difficult circumstances. They are guiding force for there counterparts and impossible word is not in there dictionary. They did not like to sit back and relax and get things moving on its own rather they take initiative and say that I will be the first person to do it and confidently run as a winner. On Negative side to it , they are aggressive and do not want to take too many advices and due to that they might face losses .The Fire Signs Are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Earth Signs:
This zodiac signs have one thing in common that they are steady and down to earth persons which is general interpretation. These zodiac signs peoples will listen to other views as well and by judging all pros and cons, then takes a decisions. They do not takes decision in haste and slowly and slowly by gathering inputs reach to a conclusion. Most of the time decision is there but unlike fiery signs they will take the advice’s and use that in there analysis. They are not egoistic but they can bend to get things in right perspective.The Earth Signs Are: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air Signs:
This zodiac signs persons mind is free flowing as like air and they always hunt for knowledge no matter from where they get that. They love to explore new areas of interest and love natural surroundings as well. There mind is also fluctuating but there mental and creative intellect is quite higher. They use their knowledge quite brilliantly for upliftment of human mankind. Most of the times they do take better decisions in pressure situations on account of their better creative and logical abilities.The Air Signs Are: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water Signs:
Generally these zodiac signs persons are highly emotional leaving Scorpio sign. Feelings run higher in them and at times due to fluctuation of there mind they do get headaches or migraine problems. At times due to there aggression levels, they might be susceptible to BP problems as well. They are also lovable, caring and affectionate and do not wants to hurt anyone but most of the times they are on receiving ends . They are knowledgeable and wants to make a world better place to live in.The Water Signs Are: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces