Vedic Horoscope 2018 Predictions by Moon Signs

Thus here’s an astrological overview of whether those around you would be supportive & encouraging or dispiriting in 2018. It can be a frustrating feeling when you are madly in love with someone but you don’t even exist for that person. They just don’t either notice you or take you for granted. It can be your crush, love interest or spouse too. If you are wondering how to get them to notice you in 2018, our 2018 love predictions for the 12 Moon Signs below would definitely help you draw them near. This has been calculated for Moon Sign, as per Vedic Astrology. Have you been wondering if your social life will evolve or go down further in the New Year 2018? We bring you a Vedic update on your 2018 Social Life Trends. Whether you are overjoyed, suffering badly or working like a deadpan machine, what you need the most during such moments is nothing but a few friends around to give an ear to your victories, anguish, worries, fears and concerns. It’s a healthy way to release your pent-up emotions; so naturally it contributes a lot to our personal happiness. And without personal contentment, you cannot focus and grow in others areas of life either. While we all wish to know the predictions of key areas of life such as career and relationships; but ignore the fact that without a healthy social life, we cannot enjoy those other aspects.

Is your marriage falling apart? Or maybe your boss just doesn’t like you? If previous year has been a little bumpy for you and you are looking hopefully towards 2018, you have landed on the right page. The 2018 predictions given below can help you uncover the problems you might encounter in life so you can prepare to meet all the challenges head on and have a smooth year. Every New Year brings new hopes – the hope to get the love of your life, the hope to travel to your dream destination, the hope to perform well in studies and most importantly, the hope to get a promotion at work. You are more at the mercy of planets than that of your boss, because it is the position of stars that governs all aspects of your life, including career. Saturn transit brings a lot of challenges and opportunities in life, and these transformation stay for a long time as Saturn is a slow moving planet, spends around 2.5 years in each sign. Saturn works like a teacher, thus punishes us for our bad karma and makes us learn from our mistakes. Its aim however is to make us better individuals and take life seriously. In 2018, Saturn will change sign from Scorpio to Sagittarius in January itself. Then, it would transit back to Scorpio from 21 June until 26 October. This year, Saturn would move retrograde during the period from 6 April to 25 August. Below is a detailed overview of its effect for each Moon sign.

Wouldn’t work life have been easier if we lived in a world where our promotion is decided based on our performance and productivity? Unfortunately it’s not the case most of the times. Influences and impressions also come into play. And if you are really looking to get ahead in career in 2018, the most important person you would want to impress is the boss. The predictions below for each Moon Sign list out what your boss wants to see you doing in 2018 so you can be in their good books. The Scorpio natives are known to expect too much from their love partner. And for Cancer, your crabbiness is sometimes too much to handle. Love is complex. In order to know what kind of a person would tug at your heartstrings in the coming year, here are a few Vedic astrology-backed predictions for 2018. Vedic astrology prescribes making predictions on Moon Sign, the sign where Moon was placed at the time of birth. To understand the kind of people you will be attracted towards, all you need to know is your Moon signs. Somewhere deep down, we all have a desire to be famous, but not all of us have the talent! And even if we do, not all are blessed with luck. People are ready to do horrendous things to be on the television, blurring the line between fame and infamy. If the stars have something in store for you, it will come through sooner or later. Will it be the year 2018 when you would make it big and be the famous person in your own field? Here is what Vedic astrology has to say for each Moon Sign. The 2018 Fame Horoscope is prepared on the basis of Moon Sign.